What to do after a car accident

Getting into a car accident might leave you disoriented and unsure of what action you should take. By understanding what process you should follow before an accident occurs you help prepare yourself.

Depending on the severity of the accident, you should consider doing the following things. 

Prioritize your safety 

After an accident, you should prioritize the safety of yourself and others. If anyone appears injured, call 911 for help.  If you have the capability, move your vehicle out of the road. If the vehicle seems unsafe to drive, exit the vehicle and get yourself and your passengers out of harm's way. 

If your vehicle seems severely damaged, you may need the assistance of a tow truck, but you should still remove yourself from the road. 

Report the accident

The state of Oregon requires you to report all car accidents. Contact the police, who should come to the scene and fill out a written report or instruct you on how you should report the accident. 

Exchange information

Once you have contacted the police, exchange insurance information with the other drivers involved. You should write down their names, phone numbers and their insurance information. You can also note license plate numbers and jot down a quick description of the vehicles involved. 

It is better to air on the side of gathering too much information, instead of scrambling to remember facts in the weeks or months after the accident. 

Know what steps you should take

For serious car accidents, you may end up in the hospital or become incapacitated. However, if you find yourself involved in a minor accident, the above steps remain a good course of action. 

Remember that your safety comes first and consider visiting a hospital and getting checked for injuries following any car accident.