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Are you having a hard time renting an apartment due to your arrest record? Are background checks making it hard for you to land a job? Hunking Law, LLC deals with criminal record expunctions in Corvallis, Albany, Springfield, Eugene, OR and the surrounding area. Our goal is to clear your record in the eyes of the law to effectively wipe clean your criminal history.

We understand the burden of past misdeeds and will do our best to help you put them in the past. Call 541-486-5464 today to speak with an expunction attorney in Corvallis, Albany, Springfield & Eugene, OR.

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We'll walk you through the expunction process

Our expunction attorneys understand that no two criminal matters are alike. We handle each case independently to give you the best chance of clearing your record. We work with clients of all ages.

We will:

  • Schedule a consultation about your criminal history
  • Develop a strategy for expunction
  • Work to get your record cleared for standard background checks

Don't let your criminal record continue to be a burden on your future. Contact Hunking Law today to schedule a consultation about clearing your criminal history.