Matthew was a outstanding attorney. He knows what he is doing. His research and knowledge saved me a lot of money. And got me acquitted. I would highly recommend this Firm. Would us them again if needed. (Hopefully not have to).Thank you very much Matt.

Herbert J.

Matt is a great Criminal Defense Attorney. He went the extra mile for me to ensure my case got dropped! He knew what he was doing and is willing to play hardball with the prosecution if necessary. He really cares about what he is doing. Not everyone is guilty and they deserve fair representation until guilt can be proven, Matt is that fair representation.

Bo L.

I was looking for an attorney who had real life experience's and who came to being an attorney after having those experiences. I was also looking for someone who wouldn't compromise and take my case all the way to trial and I found that in Matt Watkins. The city of Eugene was assuming we'd compromise and take the deal they offered, Matt didn't and we won my case. Thanks again Mr. Watkins.

Tim L.

I've consulted with Matt Watkins on a number of legal matters and am always impressed with the depth and breadth of his understanding and comprehension. Matt is a bona fide academic-style intellectual with the unpretentious soul and ethic of an Oregon working man. His integrity and compassion and dedication are the real deal.

Albert C.

Extremely knowledgeable and professional. Helpful diligent and thorough. Highly recommended.

Brandi P.

Mr. Watkins' experience and knowledge turned a stressful situation into an easy process. His assistance, even working with out of state issues, was priceless.

Dennis W.

I recently hired Hunking Law to represent me in a criminal case. I am extremely impressed with the way Mr. Hunking handled my case from the initial consultation until the end. After Mr. Hunking reviewed the discovery he immediately contacted me with several ways to defend my case. What impressed me the most was when Mr. Hunking came to my residence. He spent a considerable amount of time walking my property as if he lived there and was the victim which I felt I was. At this point I felt extremely confident in a positive outcome in my case. Ultimately the state dismissed the case against me and I believe it was because of this extra effort he took. I would definitely recommend Josh Hunking if you're looking for a great lawyer. If I should ever need legal services again he's the one I'll be calling. Good luck.

Steven B.

Would definitely recommend Matthew Watkins if you need representation for MIP/DUI. He made us feel calm and fought for my daughter in court. We are extremely grateful for all he did!

Jennifer L.

Matthew Watkins was very informative and upfront with me during my time seeking legal help. A great valued price and extremely helpful, efficient, and kind. I would highly recommend services from Hunking Law, LLC.

Katy G.

Josh is everything you'd want in an attorney. He's patient, thorough, and effective. I'm not sure exactly what the average price would be for the services I received, but he wasn't afraid of helping me out with follow-up isssues after the trial was settled. I don't have a lot of experience with attorneys (I've only had one other), but Josh was easy to deal with and didn't give me the feeling I had been fleeced (like the other one). In short, he does good work.

Obie S.

I have absolutely no regrets about my choice in representation. Josh and his crew have been a Godsend during this challenging time. If you want things done right, well ahead of time and with dignity, Hunking Law should be your first and only choice. With the ever changing DUII laws, they worked with me through every step of the process. If I could give more than 5 stars, I would.


Mr. Hunking is a great DUI and DUII attorney. Not only is he very knowledgeable about drunk driving and DWI laws, but he also possesses a keen intellect. I recommend him to anyone in need of excellent legal representation in Corvallis, Albany, or anywhere in Benton County or Linn County.

Chris T.